A Lovely Day

And I know it's gonna be…A lovely day

31 Days of Documenting Life’s Good Stuff

I decided on my 31 Days theme, finally.   I waffled between a number of ideas but finally landed on a project I’ve been brainstorming about for quite some time.  It’s a personal project of documenting “the Good Stuff” for an extended period of time.   I’ll be keeping a list of “Good Stuff” and documenting them visually via photos for each day in October.  I think of it as gratitude journal meets Project Life in some ways.

For years I’ve had a section of my journal with lists of the “Good Stuff” – the little things and big things in life that make me happy.  Things like a good Toffee-Nut latte, my husband doing the dishes, the way B pats me when he wakes up,Mo’s excitement about something, or wrapping up a great web project.  Looking back at these lists is like an instant snapshot of what life was like at that particular time.  I’ve never quite managed to combine photos with the Good Stuff lists though.  I think 31 days is a manageable amount of time.  Who knows, maybe it will kick start a larger project for 2013.

So…let’s do it.  “31 Days of Documenting the Good Stuff” begins today.

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