A Lovely Day

And I know it's gonna be…A lovely day

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Good Stuff – Day 14


  • painting and crafting at the little table in the kitchen
  • B drawing faces and legs on his pumpkins!
  • Mo crafting up a storm and then tidying up
  • successful crockpot mechado!
  • another mellow weekend – so nice!

Good Stuff – Day 11


  • early morning: quiet, family bed, still dark
  • Mo reading (another book tonight!)
  • IM with Megan
  • B wearing goggles (aka “gobbles”) in the bath
  • tidy shoe area
  • neighbor mom, Tracy
  • An getting gas and milk for us after we all headed to bed

Good Stuff – Day 10


  • flavored instant coffee – yah, I said it
  • scarf weather
  • Mo reading
  • An in his new hoodie
  • a super productive day
  • Brady talking up a storm lately!
  • laughing with An in the car
  • new sushi place in the lobby at work

Good Stuff – Day 9


  • making ghost cookies with the kids
  • after school time at home being smoother lately (knock on wood)
  • sitting down to dinner together
  • lots of freelance work – woo!
  • a grey day topped off with lots of late afternoon sunshine

Good Stuff – Day 8

Oops…forgot yesterday but here are the pictures:

And here’s today’s Good Stuff:

  • Lunch with my favorite co-worker and hearing all about her recent trip
  • “Soul-work”
  • Working up a plan for some awesome morning time
  • Neighbors – the kids were all over this weekend with the neighbor kids
  • All this fall, Seattle SUN
  • Choosing to react with love

Good Stuff – Day 5


  • Mo’s little Montessori school
  • big hugs between the kids when they see each other
  • hearing other people describe Margeaux (smart, helpful, confident)
  • Brady looking so big lately
  • fake Toms from the Philippines
  • Tokyo House family birthday dinner
  • cousins
  • an empty weekend

Good Stuff – Day 6


  • scoping out a new school for the kids with a good feeling about it
  • a fall ice cream stop to celebrate the sunny day
  • family trampoline jumping and laughing
  • cutting up magazine and journaling
  • neighbors
  • beautiful fall days

Good Stuff – Day 4


  • early morning – so quiet, still and dark
  • big ole family bed
  • fleece
  • An happy to be running again – this time in minimalist shoes
  • Photoshop open all day
  • hearing Mo say to a friend, “It was fun playing with you!”
  • making caramel corn